Sponsor Licence Application

Sponsor Licence Application

What is a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence?

An organisation that needs to sponsor skilled workers must obtain a skilled worker sponsor licence. The Skilled Worker Sponsor was previously known as Tier 2 Sponsor Licence (general).

Once a company is an approved sponsor licence holder, it can then recruit overseas workers under the Skilled Worker route of the immigration system.

Main requirements

In order to obtain a Skilled Worker sponsor licence, the organisation must demonstrate to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) that:

  • it is a genuine organisation operating lawfully in the UK,
  • it has relevant HR processes and systems in place and
  • it has a genuine need for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence.

The application process

In order to apply for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence, the potential company sponsor must complete an online application form. A number of business-related documents will then need to be submitted to UKVI in order to demonstrate that the organisation is genuine and trading in the UK. As part of the application process, UKVI may visit the organisation in order to carry out a compliance review in order to determine whether or not the organisation will offer genuine vacancies to overseas workers and will be capable of carrying out its sponsor duties.

Processing time

Decisions on Skilled Worker sponsor licence applications can take up to 16 weeks, but we would generally expect a decision within 3-8 weeks.

Contact Us:

We have considerable experience in preparing Sponsor Licence applications. If you would like to discuss matters further please contact Charles Green, Consultant Partner, at cgreen@rooksrider.co.uk or by telephone to 07955112218

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