Property Litigation

From tenant disputes and lease terminations to possession claims and boundary disputes, there are a number of potential issues that can arise in the property sector.

Property Litigation

Swift, effective action is key to resolving commercial and residential property disputes in a way that delivers the most satisfactory outcomes. Our specialist team of property litigation experts are experienced in all areas of commercial and residential disputes, working closely with clients to provide focused, tailored, and practical advice, and supporting them through sensitive, complex matters.

We work with a wide range of clients, including commercial landlords, developers, investors, and individuals, to support them through difficult, challenging disputes.

What We Do

Our specialist property solicitors are dedicated to designing and implementing litigation strategies that can resolve even the most complex of disputes efficiently, effectively, and discreetly, with minimal disruption to everyday activities.

However, we also believe that a property dispute doesn’t have to create long term damage to relationships. Where appropriate, we seek to implement alternative property litigation solutions that directly address the immediate dispute while also protecting your long term interests. This may involve the use of mediation.

Our team boasts extensive experience in all aspects of property litigation, ensuring that appropriate, swift action can be taken should alternative solutions prove to be unsuitable or ineffective for the particular case. Should a dispute evolve into the need for Court proceedings, we are here to support our clients through the legal process.

The Rooks Rider property litigation team can help to:

  • Evaluate the individual circumstances of your dispute
  • Provide expert, professional advice regarding your options for moving forward
  • Guide you through the litigation process without risking further liability
  • Assist with collecting documentation to support your claim

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team of property professionals exhibit a rich, deep understanding of both the commercial and residential property, enabling us to combine our widespread industry knowledge with our niche legal expertise to create effective litigation solutions that deliver the most suitable and satisfactory long term outcomes for our clients.

We are passionate about keeping property litigation as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible for our clients, finding out-of-Court solutions where suitable.

We attribute our proven track record for success to our unique ability to develop strong, beneficial relationships with our clients, investing time in getting to comprehensively understand the needs of the landlords, tenants, developers, and investors we work with to ensure we’re always taking the best approach to resolving property disputes.

We are experienced in all areas of property litigation, including:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Lease termination: surrender, forfeiture, break notices, and notices to quit
  • Lease renewals and rent reviews
  • Dilapidations, alteration, and repair
  • Possession claims
  • Leasehold enfranchisement
  • Rights of way disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Recovery of rent and service charge arrears
  • Nuisance and trespass

Case Studies

The client obtained a Judgment from a High Court in Asia, against two individuals of English nationality.  The Judgment obtained was full and final with no right of appeal.  The client was concerned how the Judgment could be enforced and how money could be recovered from the two Defendants, given their place of residence was in England.

Senior Associate

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