Clients coming to the UK

Key Issue(s):

Wealth Planning/Offshore

What We Did:

We can advise on the UK tax, immigration and wealth planning issues related to any non-UK resident, non-UK domiciled, High Net Worth (HNW) Individual moving to the UK to become UK resident

Scope of Work:

HNW Individual/Wealth Planning

Case Details:

1. Specific immigration advice for any client who does not have UK settled status.

2. Advice on the effectiveness of any Offshore Trust/Company Structure held by the HNW as Settlor/Beneficiary (and his wife and family) from a UK tax perspective to include the following aspects, i.e. inheritance tax (IHT), income tax, Capital Gains Tax (and related anti-avoidance provisions) and the General Anti-Abuse Rule.  This would include consideration of any restructure or resettlement of the existing Trust (where relevant) and include consideration of all UK tax issues relating to specific assets (particularly in relation to UK property and IHT).

3. Continuing advice on other personal planning aspects, e.g. on remittance basis planning issues to ensure effective UK tax planning for the individual as a  non-UK domiciliary to ensure he is only charged to UK tax on what he brings into the UK and his foreign and his foreign income and gains can be retained tax free offshore.

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