Clients purchasing UK property

Key Issue(s):

Wealth Planning/Offshore

What We Did:

We can advise High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals (whether UK resident or non-UK resident or UK domiciled or non-UK domiciled) who are purchasing any UK property

Scope of Work:

HNW Individual/Wealth Planning

Case Details:

1. Explore best options for purchase considering future use and individual’s circumstances.

2. For individuals, considerations will include the impact of SDLT, CGT, Non-Resident CGT, Income Tax and IHT depending on the value of the property and use.

3. In terms of corporate acquisitions (where relevant) advice on the following aspects will be required, i.e. SDLT, Corporation Tax, Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED), ATED Related Gains Tax, Non-Resident CGT and any related anti-avoidance provisions and the General Anti-Abuse Rule.

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