Tax and trust planning for a high-net worth international family

Date of Case:2019
Key Issue(s):

As part of the client’s estate planning their aim was to gift their property portfolio to their children and they asked Karen to advise on the most efficient way to do this.

What We Did:

Karen advised the client on the implications of making direct gifts and transfers into a Trust. Karen assisted the client with making the gifts and with the creation of a Trust that met the client’s needs.

Scope of Work:

High-net worth individual – tax and trust planning

Case Details:

Karen advised a high-net worth client and her family on the transfer of her London property portfolio with half of the properties being directly gifted to one of her children and the other half into a Disabled Persons Trust for the benefit of her other child.  Karen advised the client on the tax implications of making the gifts and the transfers into the Trust and dealt with the Trusts creation and advice relating to its ongoing management.


After an initial meeting Karen prepared a detailed letter of advice on the options available and on the tax implications of making the gifts and creating the Trust. The next step was preparing the necessary Trust documentation and Deeds to effect the gifts and transfer the properties.


The client’s original aim of transferring some of her wealth to her children was met by following our advice.

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